Date(s) et horaire(s)
Le 16 octobre de 17h45 à 20h30

ISG, 5 rue Gustave Adolphe Hirn à Strasbourg

Une conférence en anglais avec le conférencier Thiago Ayres sur le thème Startup Culture for Traditional Companies: making elephants dance.

The business game is changing: adaptability is now more important than size, agility is more important than resources. How can the big established companies fight in the same arena as the quick efficient startups? The answer lies in culture.

During this event, Thiago Ayres will give his insights on the following aspects that are key in enabling traditional companies to adopt a Startup culture: how to replicate the startup culture in non-startup companies? How to apply the new tactics of innovation and leadership in traditional companies? Can we make these elephants dance?

Ayres is a consultant, educator, investor and international speaker in the areas of governance, management, innovation and leadership. With degrees on 3 continents, he helps corporations, governments and startups in their strategic challenges. In this professional trajectory, Ayres has been to 20 countries helping business in different markets, size and segments.

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